Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me? An inspiration?

My neighbor Mark has written a great book, and he tells me I was the inspiration!

A few months ago, he and I were commiserating about this rotten economy and sharing ideas for making a dollar stretch further than ever before. A few weeks ago, he knocked on the door and showed me his new book!! Here's the funny part - when he sought a local graphic artist to design the cover the woman said "you should check out this local woman's blog THE ENDURANCE DIVA - it's along these same lines." She shared my name and my neighbor Mark exclaims "That's my neighbor! The one who inspired me to write this book!".

Anyway, this little bound magazine size book is a gem. Full of great advice and tips that will save money AND be kinder to our environment. He includes worksheets to help with budgeting. He also supplies websites to search for more information on a wide variety of subjects.

Mark is marketing this tome to nonprofits and churches, encouraging them to buy in bulk then supply them to members, customers, or parishioners. You can order a single book as well. They are $19.95 each plus shipping and handling. For $29.95 he'll also throw in a CD with hyperlinks and documents. He can be reached at or through snail mail at Money and Earth Savings Book, 2026 Sibley View Court, Northfield, MN 55057, or by phone at 507-403-1144.

Be sure to mention The Endurance Diva sent you!


Border Explorer said...

Wow, that is so cool. You are a light to many people.

themom said...

OK - and where are you????? Last here in April, c'mon get with the program and next letter is ......