Wednesday, March 11, 2009

E is for Endurance, what else?

Sometimes that's just all you have left. You stand up to the crisis at hand and you just plain endure. You get dressed, you put on your make up, and you just keep going. You make it through one more day alive, intact, and whole. You endure the bills, the bankruptcy, the divorce, the sickness, the natural disaster. Whatever it is, you just endure and live to fight another day. And By God, keep your sense of humor!!!

The lyrics below are to what I consider my theme song, I'm Still Here by John Hartford. I first learned of the magical musician in the late 70's and he's become one of my heroes. If you click through the link, you'll see him in action with his fiddle and his dancing feet. When I first heard this song at the tender age of 18, I had no idea how much it would mean to me in the coming years.

I'm Still Here, by John Hartford

Now trains are runnin' towards each other
Shotguns are pointed at my head
Tornado clouds are formin' at the crossroads
H-Bombs are fallin' towards my bed

But I'm still here
I'm still here, and how 'bout that?
My city may be fallen, but I'm still here.

Assassination squad has got their orders
Repossession man is on his way
Landlady's givin' me her notice
I'll be pitched out with trash now any day

But I'm still here
I'm still here, and how 'bout that?
I may have lost my lunch box, but I'm still here.

"When you're going through Hell . . . keep going" Winston Churchill

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